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Soft Skills as contrary to hard skills (such as technical skills), majorly impact the personality development of employee’s.

In relevance, DBE has partnered with a well respected major company who are imparting skills training to youngsters with direct link to employment opportunity. DBE is supporting IL&FS in this project on social/behavioral competency of training at the core.

Up to date DBE as extended extensive/enriched training to more than 700 youngsters below poverty line partnering with the major company in this project, facilitating knowledge and skill for self analysis, self respect, self esteem, goal setting, good and right time communication, working with/in groups, emotional/behavioral handling, decision making, time management, importance of good health, etc.; in turn enabling the youngsters to develop their morale as well as organization morale.

DBE concentrates on improving the quality of employee’s standard as well as production in line with the basic skills and soft skills development.

At the end of the skill development session the trainee’s will have wholly accomplished
• Who am I and where am I going?
• How do I make sense of and communicate with the world?
• What are my rights and responsibilities in communities, cultures and economies?
• How do I describe, analyze and shape the world around me?




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